Please Play Again – No really

By Jeff Bowman

Geez, another letdown that for the moment seems greater than it actually should be for $1.45.  Please play again.

roll-upOf course, I did get the coffee, and I drank it, but I paid for that.  So, now I’m thinking “no one ever wins”, or that’s it’s a staff conspiracy – hordes of them, equipped with black lights, winning free coffee and donuts that are supposed to be out there for me to win.

In the competitive coffee marketplace, my luck seems to be improving.  In a stroke of marketing genius, the competition has proudly announced that if you bring in any non-winning cup (I hate to say losing cup, because I was the stiff that bought it) they will give, yes give, you a free medium coffee of their brand.  Wow!

Who came up with that one?  We are supposed to be in a downward spiral into economic Hades, and these guys are giving something away?  The bean counters in head office must be banging their heads against the wall.  Squandering away the profits, how absurd! Little Juan’s dad must be rolling in his coffee filtered grave.

But I’m in Heaven.  I can’t possibly lose.  I get a double-double, drink it, roll and no matter what it says, I win a free coffee down the road!

Well what do you know? There is a way to increase visibility and revenue in tough economic times.  It’s not always about cutting expenses. Smart investing can hold and build market share.  The opportunity has been seized to introduce a new brand into someone’s routine.  How many people will actually make the switch permanently?  It remains to be seen, but I’ll tell you one thing, I discovered that I can get my favorite donut, a cherry stick, down the road, something I can’t get where I currently roll up.

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