Focus on the core

By Stephen Rhodes

My wife is a music teacher and on occasion, over the years, I have heard her admonish her charges with “you are wasting my time and your parents’ money,” a bit strong perhaps but usually effective in refocusing the efforts of her students.

apple-coreIt reminds me about the importance of focus. In business, time and money are inextricably linked; bound by an understanding that time invested wisely will reap rewards.

I started to think about this recently after a conversation with a friend who provides specialized services to staffing and employment agencies with state-of-the-art staffing management software, unlimited funding access, complete payroll services, management reporting, account collection, credit management, even providing Workplace Safety consultation and comprehensive liability insurance coverage.

Our chin wag was about the changing face of Canadian employment and the need for the captains of industry to get focused on the things that matter – their core business.

In my friend’s world, his service allows staffing agencies to focus on sales and service, the prime drivers of the business. It also allows them to remain competitive.

It’s a message that should resonate with all of us. We can’t be good at everything. Focus on the core of the business and outsource the other stuff.

Another friend recently complained that he  spent the whole weekend getting the books up-to-date for his tax filing, instead of spending time with his family. My response, you might guess by now, was hire an accountant.

It’s about investing time in things that are important either at home or at work. Get rid of the distractions. Focus your energy on the areas of your business that contribute to the bottom line. Don’t waste your time or your money.

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