A bunch of dirtbags

By Jeff Bowman

Everyone loves a sale, don’t they?

dirt-2I had the opportunity for a real bargain on the weekend. I checked my times, knowing full well that there would be a high demand for the product being offered. I set my alarm, got up extra early and drove to the Depot and parked.

As I anticipated, there was already a line of about 10 to 12 people.  Surprisingly, people were lining up for soil, dirt, cheap dirt! I stood with the other bargain hunters conversing, and talking about nothing. I joked that if dirt was this popular, my family was going to get a bag for Christmas this year.

After 5 to 7 minutes, my heart was thumping.  I was about to get something all those people who decided to stay in bed were missing. I glanced behind me and saw the line had stretched to about 50 people.  An employee emerged and directed us all to the garden centre where we were supposed to pay, and then take the receipt over to another area to pick up the dirt.

The first customer approached the till, withdrew his wallet and handed over a $20.  The register was out of paper! A couple of minutes passed and the line was moving again. Only eight people ahead of me, yipee! I glance behind me, and what was this? People were already getting dirt, lots of people.  This couldn’t be, we were told to come here to pay, how could all these people have a receipt? A guy walked by with dirt and said something that hit me like a punch in the stomach. “Why are all you guys waiting here, you can pay at any register inside.”

Dirtbags! About 50 very angry customers almost started a top soil riot.

A word of advice, if you have a sale, have a process and stick to it, otherwise your customer service takes a huge dirty hit!

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One response to “A bunch of dirtbags

  1. Great article…love the title and the tie in. I think my father in law was there as well. I know he had about 4 bags of dirt in the garage and the only way he would make a purchase like that is if it were going out of style or on sale for cheap.

    Well done.


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