Creative thinking or idea theft

By Jeff Bowman

keyholeI once had an idea, a really great original idea.  It occurred to me as I stepped out of the shower one morning – a better and quicker way to dry off. I still have it, and may have it for many years to come.

“Business Philosopher” Jim Rohn said “labour gives birth to ideas.”

I teach a course on Creativity for businesses that have reached the point where independent thinking is either missing in action or not encouraged.  We have all heard that there isn’t much new under the sun – any single thought you have has probably been thought of in another place and time by many other people. Recycled products turn retro. New fashion relies on vintage fashion. New movies rely on old television shows.

But, if you follow through and make the idea a reality and stamp it with your signature, then it is deemed to be yours.

Then again, there are people who will wait in the weeds and essentially steal someone’s idea and make it their own. Success breeds success so why reinvent the wheel? These people usually come undone when they are required to demonstrate ability or creativity to a client.

If you pass off someone else’s Grade nine project with your name on it and get caught, you fail. The same is true in business and the results may be more damaging.  So, be careful what you “think”!

“An original idea. That can’t be too hard.  The library must be full of them.” Stephen Fry.

So where do you draw the line in your business?

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One response to “Creative thinking or idea theft

  1. Wow, you really hit the target on that one Jeff. George Burns once described sex at 80 years old as shooting pool with a rope. Running a business on stolen ideas must be like shooting targets with a bow and rope, instead of arrows.

    – Wes Jackson

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