The business of x-ray nudity

By Jeff Bowman

As business people, we are all affected by the ever increasing number of security clearances and checks at airports.  On my last flight I had to remove my belt and shoes, open the laptop, phone, turn them on, display all the cables etc. I won’t be surprised to learn at some point that I need to be at the airport the day before my flight leaves.

I predict that within a couple of years we will all be traveling naked!

Airports are now buying x-ray devices that are so accurate, they show all the minutia, even the naughty bits.  Never mind the intrusion on human rights this proposes, or the fact that all images will be stored and kept on a hard drive, I am expecting ticket prices to rise to offset this new fandangle  spyware.

xray specsWouldn’t 100 pairs of x-ray specs be cheaper? (I fell for it when I was 8 years old)

In Canada, courtesy of Gwen Jacob’s landmark court case, women can walk about topless on the street. Or we can all parade around naked on designated beaches. The vast majority of us don’t participate in these activities but we can if we want.

But “full disclosure” in some of the most crowded of public places raises more than an eyebrow. Soon airlines will need to offer “frequent flasher miles”! Drug sniffing dogs will have to find a new place to work.  There will be no end of leering and lewd comments and I fully expect some leakage to You Tube, especially for the x-rays of the rich and famous.

Is this really necessary for safety? Is it an invasion of privacy? Is it safe?  Boomers may remember the modern x-ray devices in old shoe stores that x-rayed your feet to determine the most comfortable shoe size. Later they were discovered to be cancer in a box and removed quickly. What will we find out about these new machines 5 years from now?

And aren’t things already slow enough at the airport without the gawkers at the gate?

We welcome your opinion. Leave a comment below. Also, have a look at Toronto Sun columnist Greg Weston’s take on this Security my butt.

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2 responses to “The business of x-ray nudity

  1. Man, I remember those specs. They were right up there with the secret decoder ring that came in cereal boxes and Cracker Jack I think.


  2. l

    There would be no more fruit smugglers……

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