A Taste for Success

By Jeff Bowman 

Many independent business owners work for years in order to simply earn a good living for themselves as self employed business “owners”.

Others find the route to success very quickly and seemingly with great ease, creating an empire from an idea, often selling it within a few years in order to retire at a young age to a wealthy lifestyle.

Then there are those who enjoy the grind, the new challenge daily and they thrive in an ever changing environment.  They enjoy putting their mark on the landscape and get up each morning prepared to have a successful and productive day and excited about the challenges that lay ahead.

Restaurant mealI have always thought that creating a growing and profitable venture in the food service industry must be the hardest and riskiest venture. Restaurants come and go, some within weeks of opening, others after a couple of years of low return on the investment. I don’t mean the huge nationwide franchises, I am talking the local establishments, the neighborhood eatery. What is their recipe for success?

When I walk through the door of my favorite Fish and Chip Restaurant, I know Lackie will always be there with a bright smile, friendly banter and, of course, excellent food.  Mike, from another local establishment, is everywhere, involved in all sorts of community activities.  He caters to a different crowd with great food, live bands and a fun atmosphere. Two different places, totally different food and clientele, yet huge success and popularity.

What separates these places from the rest is the people who run them, their dedication, their understanding of service and their desire to not only satisfy my hunger, but to make my experience memorable, no matter how many times I go there.

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