The business of voyeurism

celebrityBy Jeff Bowman

Jennifer Aniston Seeks Solace from Brad; Brittany Penniless and Pantieless; George Clooney Not The Sexiest Man Alive and in other news, business bankruptcies hit an all time high in Canada.

It seems we can’t look away. Our voyeuristic tendencies have turned us into a legion of gawkers, gossip mongers and sensationalists. We thrive on other’s pain, take pleasure in reading titillating details and base our trends, actions, vocabulary and wardrobe on the interestingly rich, famous and just plain dumb celebrities of the world.

Business bankruptcies, interest rates, new inventions and business success stories take a back seat to what stars wore on the Red Carpet the previous night or a big announcement by Kate and Jon.

The malaise with which we accept the unimportant and ordinary as fascinating and  earth shattering astounds me. 

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s bum about Brangelina.  What I do care about is how business and technology are shaping the world around us and hopefully the recovery down the road. How green initiatives will help us save the planet and how government decisions are affecting the growth or closure of businesses.

Arguing what’s important in the news is a mugs game. Witness the glut of coverage surrounding the death of Michael Jackson.

Hopefully, the tide will change and our voyeurism will give way to things that really have an impact on the growth of our local, national and world economies.

Business people of the world unite! Let’s give all these people a show. Let them leer at success for a change! How about Canadian discovers way to turn celebrity news articles into bio-fuel?

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One response to “The business of voyeurism

  1. Angelo Pesce

    Jeff, I have to disagree with you that following on celebrities is somehow not doing the right thing. Entertainment is also business and this is how they thrive and make billions by letting the larger population in on their favourite celebrity’s foibles, strengths, silliness etc. It’s all business to them. For those who follow this enterntainment it is their way of relaxing, or forgetting about their lot in life or day dreaming. The fact remains silly or not it serves a useful purpose from both a business perspective and a personal one.

    Policy issues on the other hand create anger and frustration. For me policy decisions today are a bit misguided that they focus on wealth creation and consumerism and more is better regardless of the costs to society through the destruction of the planet itself (how else to explain the tar sands) and the devestation of the lower middle class which is fast turning into poverty and poverty into homelesness. It has always struck me as ludicrous that we have or go into billions of dollars into debt to bail out billionaires who have failed but then insist on labour to pay the cost through all kinds of concession bargaining.

    Just before you dismiss this as a “socialist” anti-capital or free-market rant please note that I am none of these. I consider myself a pragmatist and if you allow yourself one moment to reflect from a diffirent angle the economy and society analyse what I said and let me know what you think.

    I hope that this seventh participant helps grow your blog.

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