The world’s atwitter about Twitter

By Stephen Rhodes

On Thursday morning, the world, as we know it, came to an end.

Twitter logosI know this because it was the lead item on radio news on the mid-day broadcast. Not the the economic crisis, Iraq, Afghanistan or even Paula Abdul. Twitter was hacked.

Twitter stopped working for two hours or so and it seems that was sufficiently important to rank numero uno in the newsroom. Maybe it was a slow hour.

Now, I am a big fan of Twitter. I think it’s a great communication tool and I love how it relies on the strength of community as its raison etre.

I don’t get how this digitus interuptus constitutes the top item on the news. It also appears that Facebook, the ying to Twitter’s yang, also had problems because users were flocking there to find out what was wrong with Twitter.

Our preoccupation with the next social trend is interesting. The addiction is newsworthy. A glitch in the twittersphere  Рnot so much.

What do you think?

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One response to “The world’s atwitter about Twitter

  1. Perhaps the issue is not that the outage at Twitter was such a high news item but why. Is is a question that the media now feeds us what they believe will sell rather than what is important.

    If the headline news had been about the number of folks who spend an inordinate amount of time relating electronically rather than face to face, would it attract readers/viewers/listeners?

    Not sure of the answer but believe it is a valid question.

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