Stick to the knitting

By Stephen Rhodes

I love to cook. Not every day mind you. I like  to plan unusual meals, take time to prepare and enjoy the adventure.

I know nothing about baking, so I don’t bake. Homemade pizza dough is as close as I come. Maybe skillet cornbread at a stretch.

KnittingThere’s a ton of stuff I know nothing about and I have come to know my limitations. I am not handy with tools nor lucky with dice.

I love sports and play many but I am not particularly good at any of them.

The bravado of youth has paled with age.

So I wonder why business people think they can be good at everything.

Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr wrote a whole chapter on Stick to the Knitting in their book In Search of Excellence.  Their advice was stick with the business you know.

As a business you need to be good at something, actually you want to be the best at something. Too often businesses try to be all things to all people, when in fact they need to be focused on the thing that sets them apart from the competition. Within that business, you need to stick with the things you are good at and hire or outsource the things you are not good at to others. Focus your energy where it counts most.

When you understand this simple idea, your business with flourish.

Are you trying to do it all?

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