My home office on crutches

By Jeff Bowman

Running a small business for the past 8 years, I thought that I had seen and worked through most of the anomalies and crises that might occur.

I survived an economic downturn in the early 2000’s, worked my way through a business amalgamation and partnership several years ago, enjoyed the prestige of being a Small Business of the Year, and tried to stick handle my way around creating new avenues for business in this most recent recession.

Crutches 1Today, I sit on my bed surrounded by my laptop, cell phone, newspapers, account sheets and reports, with my leg propped high, unable to negotiate much more than getting to the bathroom on my crutches.

I knew months ago that surgery was imminent, and tried my damnedest to think ahead and plan for the several weeks I would be under house arrest while my leg healed.

I didn’t imagine how difficult I would find this experience. I tend to be restless at the best of times; I enjoy my Timmies and I am a bit of a workaholic.

If my business depended on my being physically present at clients, or if I did not have partners to assist and pick up the slack and if I did not have some form of insurance, I hate to imagine where I would be at this time.

I could have chosen to forego the surgery and maintain my limping independence until a “better time” arose, however there will never be a better time.  Business will always be there, the calls will need to be made and the reports will need to be completed.

I accept the fact at I can’t go out, that I need time to heal, that I can’t do everything I want to and that business may suffer slightly for the next several weeks.  What I don’t accept is that there is nothing good on daytime television, it is uncomfortable typing while in a prone position and that Timmies won’t deliver!

I’ll get over it, I am sure.

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5 responses to “My home office on crutches

  1. Dear Jeff,

    LOVE the blog!

    I crushed my foot many years ago and was running my own company without partners. All business was dependent upon my visiting customers. I lost my new and thriving company in Brampton due to the loss. Thankfully for you, you have partners and there is light at the end of the bed … even if Timmies … at present … is the only light you see! Take care my friend! If you need anything, just let us know!

    Lisa Rosano
    Imagery Marketing Communications

  2. On the upside, if you need any help with working out the innards of your remote control……. I have one just like that, I can help you! Now how lucky is that?

  3. Hi Jeff,
    You’re not alone! I have spent the entire summer on the couch recuperating from a nasty ankle injury. I have come to the conclusion that laptop computers are not designed for the “lap”… 🙂 And cell phones only ring when you’ve made the slow, painstaking trip to the bathroom that you’ve put off long enough!

    Good luck and this too shall pass!


  4. Bill

    Hey Jeff,
    How are you doing now? Are you up and about. I had the reconstructed ankle surgery and I have really been though something. I am young like yourself and it has really been depressing. I hope for you the best.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for the encouragement. I am now cast and crutch free. Lots of work left in physiotherapy, but I can drive on my own now! I think that is the part that bothered me the most. All is well, results were quite good, now I can spend some time making up a great story to go along with the scar! Keep smiling, and best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

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