Marketing to perfection

Perfectionjeff bowmanBy Jeff Bowman

Have you ever tasted the perfect drink, mixed to perfection, or had the perfect steak grilled and seasoned like no other?  I’m sorry to say I haven’t.

I have had outstanding drinks, thirst quenching droplets from the gods, and steak that melted in my mouth and left me wanting after each bite. But perfect?

Perfection is a goal, the ultimate accomplishment in anything we do. After perfection, what else is there?

During many years working in Product Management, I was given the task of creating the perfect marketing mix to launch, market and track both new products and products that were approaching the maturity stage of their life cycle, one last kick at the can. Despite fantastic launches, great promos, and the ultimate in product tracking software, it didn’t go off without a hitch.

Good marketing is about pushing boundaries and creating a buzz.  Marketing is about being in the minute, altering your course and speeding ahead when you see a break and taking evasive actions when threatened.

Few marketing plans are implemented to perfection.  But then the words on the page don’t mean as much as the action that is put into implementing them. By the time the plan is written, accepted, communicated and tested, things can change.

Prepare the plan, implement with a keen eye to detail and measure the results. Be wary of changing market conditions. Don’t be afraid to change course if conditions dictate.

Spontaneity is often a strange bedfellow to perfection.

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