Are you on drugs? ‘Cause the cure may kill you

By Stephen Rhodes

Is anyone else concerned that the cure for  fill in the blank – smoking, insomnia, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction – could kill you?

The message seems to be try our drug because it will help. But with uncharacteristic honesty, at least for television commercials, the announcer then drones on about possible side effects and that takes up at least half the commercial.

I watched one of these commercials the other night. It claims that a certain over-the-counter medication will help you quit smoking.

Cue the desperate soul who has tried everything and failed, but now praises the results achieved through the use of this wonder drug. I am not afraid to mention the drug, I just can’t remember it because what follows this pathetic soul’s cathartic confession is a dire warning about all the possible complications. I say possible because the announcer uses words like if and may and could…but in a classic Jerry McGuire moment, he had me at ….side effects.

I advocate for truth in advertising. Honesty is part of establishing long-term relationships with your clients.

The TV announcer does recommend  we consult a physician first, standard patter that I understand. However, by the time he has read the 10 to 12 possible conditions that this drug may influence or irritate, where it seems every possible organ comes into play, I am thinking one of two things – these people missed the lesson where product benefits should outweigh product complications or they are lawyering up in the event someone with a boil on their backside decides to sue.

Either way, I have forgotten the product. And if I could remember it, I would run away.

What do you think?

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