Great bosses make all their employees great

By Jeff Bowman

A week or so ago I wrote about the effects that a bad boss can have not just on the employees who toil for them, but on the entire company.

Today, I want to sing the praises of great bosses. If you are lucky enough to work for or to have worked for one of these leaders and developers of people, you understand how they bring the level of participation, motivation and success to new heights in the organization.

As I mentioned in the last blog, I have worked for a couple of real winners in the bad boss department, and I guess it stands to reason that until you have worked for a jerk, you can’t really appreciate the assets of a really good boss.

One of the best bosses I  worked for was early in my career. I was young, somewhat unsure of the direction I wanted  to take, and a little headstrong.  I loved to work, and recognized that a hard day’s work was something that an employer had the right to expect from me.

My boss Skip had strong attitudes about what work was, and was not afraid to let you know.  He was at times gruff, sometimes a little impatient and would tell me flat out when something wasn’t right. Despite this, he was a teacher, a team player and a delegator. He respected the effort I put in, he showed me trust and he was a friend. He was a self-taught entrepreneur and was happy to share  his knowledge and experience with me.  Above all, he was a sales and customer service mentor and  I have tried to follow his example my whole career.

Great bosses know when to speak directly and with authority; they understand how to provide an environment in which employees feel empowered to grow -making decisions on sound information and analyzing the pros and cons.

Employees aren’t afraid to make mistakes with a great boss, because that boss knows that  they will learn from their mistakes. I wish that we could all work for wonderful bosses, but alas it is only a pipe dream.

Many of us will never know how it feels to have such support, while some of us are  happy if the boss knows our name “Simpson Ehh!” If you aspire to move  into management or to a position where you have employees working for  you, remember how it felt before you got there.

I’ve always maintained that bad bosses are a dime a dozen, great ones are worth their weight in gold. What’s your experience?

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2 responses to “Great bosses make all their employees great

  1. Glen M'chenje

    Hi Jeff

    That was well presented, very educational and an inspirational piece of experience and information. l am doing a Masters Degree in Business Leadership, and honestly l have learned something from your notes.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards Glen

    • Many thanks for the comments Glen, I’m glad that some of my experiences can help shape the next generation of bosses and mentors. I wish you much luck in the balance of you studies and your future career. Keep in touch. Jeff

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