Stretch it, work it out. It’s Busiotherapy

By Jeff Bowman

The preliminary work is done. I have suffered the pain to make the gain and I had help all the way.

Last year I had surgery that reduced my ability to perform certain tasks necessary to my business. You may have read the blogs.

It took a lot of  physical effort to get back to where I was before the surgery.   The physiotherapy at times was painful to endure, and sometimes I questioned my ability to live up to the expectations of my therapist. She pushed me when she knew I could do it, and found the problematic areas and massaged them when I was having trouble or pushing too hard.

Heather is a specialist and knows her job well. She was able to increase my mobility, and decrease the pain while supporting my efforts each visit.

I work with many small business owners who are in the same boat but not for medical reasons.  Business is suffering, times are tough and the hours seem to get longer for less return.

At some point in our business lives we all need outside help to find our weak points and to set us on a regime to improve performance.  We could do it ourselves, but more often than not, that is what got us to this point in the first place.  A pair of fresh eyes, with an outside perspective, and a little support to push us forward is what the doctor orders.

There are coaches out there, who will, for a fee, help you. Before you take that route, I  suggest you consider establishing a small advisory group made up of other business people who you know and trust – a personal networking group that meets with the understanding that assisting one another will benefit everyone.

It takes networking to a higher level where business strategies and best practices are probed and shared by the group, some of whom  have experienced what your business is going through.  These professionals, with an outsider’s view, can help your business by making you accountable to the group to make changes. Ideas are stretched, practices  massaged but you will benefit from the group’s collective experience.

It’s worth a shot.  Be ready to work hard, accept constructive ideas and go into it knowing that suggestions made by others are not criticisms.

I call it Busiotherapy.

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