Honesty in airline pricing would be nice

By Stephen Rhodes

Air Canada has a seat sale on right now and it just annoys me that they run ads that require a calculator and glasses the thickness of Coke bottles to determine the real price of flying to Moncton. The ad says I can go for $109. If I want to return that’s another kettle of fish.

The Go Far campaign ends March 9 and has a bunch of limitations on when you can fly. That I understand…selling off underutilized time periods is good business. It’s the $109 that bugs me. So I go online, fill out the dates, tick off the $109 flight (there are several for the day I choose and a couple at $99) select return because as much as I love my grandchildren I don’t plan to live with them, and voila $319.70.

I can spend another $17 on advance seat selection, $25 for travel assistance, $45 for lounge access and that’s just for the outbound flight. That infernal small print at the bottom allows me to check a box for the same options on the return flight. I select none of these options so my full price goes from $109 one way to $319.70 including $101.70 in taxes, fees, charges and surcharges.

Here’s the deal. It’s a good price. We fly to the east coast a few times a year, sometimes with Air Canada and sometimes West Jet, depending on who has the best price.

This isn’t something peculiar to Canadian airlines. I had a similar experience looking for a winter haven for a week. Prices are advertised as low as $500 for an all-inclusive  week in the sun, and then of course there are taxes, fees, charges and surcharges adding as much as $300 per person.

It’s annoying. Just tell us the truth. We can handle it.

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One response to “Honesty in airline pricing would be nice

  1. Anita

    What about the baggage? On my recent 14 hr. flight, baggage check in was a pain. Although the allowance was 20 kg per piece, I was on my knees at the airport, moving stuff from one piece to another (we had 4) so it would be 20 kg. Move it or pay $ 800.00 for excess baggage.

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