Face time and the whites of their eyes

By Stephen Rhodes

It’s easy to get caught up in the hurley burley of Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

When sitting at your desk,  looking for creative ways to invade the online world with your message, it’s sometimes easy to forget that these great tools can’t replace good old-fashion face time when it comes to generating business.

Wikepedia actually has a definition for Face time:

an interaction or contact between two or more people at the same time and physical location. Face time therefore occurs in real life and contrasts primarily with interaction or contact which occurs over distance (eg. via telephone) and/or electronically (eg. via email, instant messaging, e-commerce or some other computer communication.”

Wow, a little clinical, but a good reminder that it involves people in close proximity. Face time has in fact entered the vernacular because there are an increasing number of people who don’t do it, relying instead on some electronic engagement for business communications.

So, if you build your business around the Web, Twitter and Facebook and never actually see another human being, is it still a business? I guess that depends on your standard of measurement. I have never met anyone at Amazon or Chapters-Indigo but I buy lots of products. I buy on the strength of referrals from friends I do trust. “There’s a great book you should read….”

However,  I can’t imagine buying professional services without first meeting someone face to face.

For me, spinning messages online to 1100 followers is not  the same as pitching someone in person.  Did their eyes flicker, did they bite their lip, are their arms crossed? Did they look happy, sad, or  indifferent?

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I still like to see the whites of their eyes.

What do you think?

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