Marketing can be magic but check your hat size

By Stephen Rhodes

I am not a slave to one particular approach to marketing. I am a slave to results.

Many small business owners follow patterns of comfort rather than searching for the right tools for the job. And today there are so many more tools to choose from.

By time I get involved my clients have already concluded that whatever they have been doing is no longer working.  The conversation usually starts like this:

My business has slipped over the last year or so, you know the economy is bad, and I am not getting the same results anymore from my marketing so I think maybe I need to look at something new.

What’s good here is that this business is paying attention to results and has recognized that the old way of doing things is no longer producing the outcome once expected.

It’s also good because this business has some measurement metric, likely revenue or profit, but at least there is a connection between money spent on marketing and the outcome. Return on investment (ROI) for many small businesses is difficult to measure because they don’t have the resources or the tools to connect the dots between marketing expense and sales.

And so many businesses simply continue the same old, same old marketing plan without any real connection to results.

Marketing can be magic but check your hat size because one size does not fit all. That’s why measuring results is so important. A simply question, how did you here about us, is so basic and costs nothing. Customer surveys with a prize can help establish the source of your business and is another inexpensive tool.

So think about this. Do you measure the ROI on your marketing expense? Does it generate the business you want? If not, is it time to move from your comfort zone to a new approach?

Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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