No one will pay for Twitter

By Stephen Rhodes

Millions of Americans use Twitter — but they won’t pay for it according to the annual study of the impact of the Internet on Americans by the Center for the Digital Future.

Some 49 percent of Internet users said they have used  Twitter, but when asked if they would be willing to pay for Twitter, zero percent said yes.

The report illustrates the struggle that media companies, who have been providing free content from the beginning, have in trying to transition to the Internet. Once free, it’s nearly impossible to get people to pay for it.

The study found that half of Internet users never click on Web advertising, and 70 percent said that Internet advertising is “annoying. ” However,  55 percent of users said they would rather see Web advertising than pay for content.

And more trouble for media companies, in particular newspapers. Newspapers rank below the Internet and television as primary sources of information. Only 56 percent of Internet users ranked newspapers as important or very important sources of information.

Now here’s the strange stuff. Sixty-one percent of users said that only half or less of online information is reliable — a new low level for the Digital Future Project.  And  14 percent of Internet users said that only a small portion or none of the information online is reliable.

So why? Convenience?  Delivery method?

Is it better to have information that is reliable half the time delivered to your Smart Phone as it happens rather than wait for the morning newspaper to be delivered? Is speed the determining factor?

Undoubtedly, that’s part of the equation. What do you think?

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