Turn up the Speakers

By Jeff Bowman

We all learn using a variety of different methods – seeing, hearing, reading  – however a great number of people have self enforced sensory deprivation when it comes to increasing their own knowledge base with regards to their business.

I took the opportunity recently to see two very good speakers in Toronto and another in Oakville who spoke on pertinent business and social issues.  As a speaker and trainer for the past 20 years, I thoroughly enjoy watching others present and seeing how their message is delivered and received by the audience.  There are always interesting tidbits that I record and add to my own arsenal.

Too often we are overwhelmed by our daily tasks to indulge in a little self-improvement. I found in the past few years that my time was extremely limited, so I would listen to informative CDs in my car.  Call me old-fashioned, but I still visit the library to source these materials. But when there is an opportunity to attend a live event with a choice of speakers in the same venue, I try to make the time to attend. Rarely am I disappointed with the presentations.

The first speaker I saw was Ken Wong who spoke in-depth about the dollars spent on marketing versus the return that is recognized.  Ken also touched on strategies that companies adopt during recessionary periods and their overall contribution to the success or demise of that organization. Interesting stuff from my perspective! The line that I relate to best is that companies need to understand “that there is a whole new generation of hippies coming” referring to the green and environmental generation.

Next up was Simon Sinek who encouraged us all to ask ourselves “Why” we do what we do. The message was simple and to the point – do what inspires you.  There was a great deal of the presentation that I took to heart.

Finally, I was able to hear Justin Trudeau speak about the youth of today, their trials and tribulations and the need for them to feel appreciated and understood. He spoke passionately about getting Canadians involved, because being involved is the only way to shape the future. That included businesses who need to take a leadership role in training and development of our youth.

The learning curve never stops. Our thought processes need to be fed regularly whether it be through activities, relaxation, reading or in my case listening to people with new and innovative ideas. The value of attending educational events is immeasurable, and employers should be encouraging their employees to seek out and participate in such events. Even an old dog can learn a new trick.

What was the last engagement you attended?

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