B2B Sales Specialist – The Hunter

By Jeff Bowman

The face of sales has certainly changed in response to the emergence of online marketing and social media growth.

Sales people today need to be somewhat tech savvy, and knowledgeable about current trends, changing as quickly as they are. In the B2B world, with all the emphasis on customers finding you, and elaborate tracking systems to analyze who views what page and for how long, it is sometimes difficult to determine what the role of a salesperson should be.

The basic competencies required to be a professional salesperson have remained relatively consistent over the last 20 years.  Listening skills, attitude, trustworthiness, personable, and the ability to develop relationships.

I don’t care how much people think sales has changed, when it comes down to the negotiating and the relationship aspect of B2B sales, a strong salesperson is still a company’s best asset. Sure, there are some incredible tools available to deliver the message to your target audience, even in the seemingly bottomless World Wide Web. The fact remains, that the daily business transactions of most small to large B2B businesses are still conducted at arm’s length through some degree of human interaction. This is where the Hunter becomes critical to the success of business.

I have never encountered a salesperson or team that has not found some aspect of the sales process to be problematic. Therein lies the rub! The Hunter enjoys the chase, and thrives on solving problems and closing deals.

A dedicated Hunter knows how to find potential business, and understands the prospect of someone else bagging the game. Following the trail of B2B business can take weeks or months.

Online marketing, has and will continue to influence sales,  however a good Hunter will always and should always be in demand for companies seeking to do business with other companies. They are your most valuable and cost-effective resource.  Sales has never been a wait and see reactive type of profession.

The proactive, knowledgeable Hunter will always procure more B2B business through their ability to establish a trusting relationship, which in turn secures continual revenue generating transactions for years to come from that client.

If your company doesn’t have a Hunter is the competition getting the lion’s share of the spoils?

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