What’s the Big Attraction?

By Jeff Bowman 

Let me get this straight. The Internet is responsible for changing the face of sales and marketing? Well, yes and no.  The Internet has certainly had a huge impact on the way consumers buy goods and services, as well as on the way companies need to market to match the consumer trends.

In saying this, I don’t want to give all the credit to the Internet.  The Internet is  just the latest mode of communication to take hold in the mass markets.

In the 1700’s you had the traders and merchants come to town with products like silk from the Orient, furs from Canada and foods the likes of which had not been seen.  Anywhere there was water, consumers had access.

The 1800’s brought the railroads, regular newspapers, The Pony Express and local General Stores, which had a huge impact on production and distribution of products to the consumer and how companies needed to communicate.

Wow, the 1900’s came and blew everyone’s socks off with mail order catalogues, automotive transportation and delivery, the telephone, radio and the advent of television. Now you could actually see a product demonstration and marketing and advertising hit the big time. The rate of change was so rapid people found it hard to keep up with the pace of technological innovation.  Heck we went from black and white televisions to colour televisions in a matter of a decade or so!  Then came the computer and with it eventually the  Internet in the tail end of the century.

The Internet has made the same type of impact that television did on mass marketing.  The trends to globalized communication grow stronger everyday now, and we are left wondering what the next big thing will be.  The change for companies has been dramatic in the last 20 years.

No longer do they mass market or target market, it’s all about “attraction marketing”. It’s all about educating consumers and attracting customers to you.  Building prospect lists, high visibility on the web, tracking buyer habits through electronic interaction.  Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

There is a completely new strategy that needs to be employed, because your old marketing strategies will simply be extinct in a few years. Imagine using a mail order catalogue in the light speed world of technology today.

The question is, what steps are you taking to become better equipped, more competitive and be able to grow your business in the 5 years?

If you are unprepared, I would suggest professional help!

Resistance is futile!

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