The Consumer Responsibility Act

By Jeff Bowman

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called “I’m Mad as Hell”, and I had some strong feedback about what marketing is, and what an educated consumer needs to be aware of today.

I did some research over the weekend, and found that there are more government regulations in place today for product labeling, safety testing, contents of instructions and material listings than you can shake a stick at.  Caveat emptor has no meaning to today’s society.  We have become so permissive in this day and age that we  let everybody off the hook for any type of event that transpires due to their neglect of responsibility.

Today, I am calling on Governments of the world to draft and pass into law “The Consumer Responsibility Act”.  This act shall hold innocent all those companies, who clearly label products according to other stringent regulations set out by regulatory agencies, and protects them from the lunacy that transpires when consumers fail to take responsibility for reading, researching and otherwise using the product according to specified instructions. For those troglodytes, who make claims of “I didn’t know”, “but I thought I could”, and the “advertising contained hidden demonic messages”, there will no longer be any leniency by the courts. “Case dismissed on the grounds that this person is a fool!”

Today we have CSA and UL standard testing for all electronics, Canadian Agricultural Products Act, Food inspection agencies and a myriad of other regulatory bodies to ensure that advertising is not misleading, food is safe and all ingredients are fully disclosed, that products are tested again and again for safety, and appropriate warning labels are displayed prominently.

The additional cost to the manufacturers for compliance is enormous. But as they say, if you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot.

I have grown weary of the complaints and frivolous law suits.  When we need to put warning labels on hair dryers not to use in the bathtub, the loogans have taken over the asylum!

I’m the first to admit, I have put an IKEA cabinet together incorrectly because I didn’t follow instructions. Am I to sue them for me not understanding the Pictionary like drawings? Do I have a case against ‘No Frills’ because I forgot to take a bag of frozen groceries from my car one night last summer and they had all become mush by morning.  Where was the label “Warning, contents may thaw if left in summer heat”?

The time has come to take a stand.  Consumers decide what they purchase, advertisements are responsible for making them aware of products available. Parents choose and pay for groceries and can make educated choices about nutrition today. If you want to stand in the bathtub and dry your hair, it’s your choice.  The Consumer Responsibility Act will ensure that people need to be responsible for their decisions and the actions that result.

News flash, “Poverty hits record levels in North America while man awarded $5 million dollars for spilling hot coffee while driving”. By the way, Nutella is a chocolaty treat, electricity and water don’t mix well, and wrestling is, well I’ll just leave that one for your own informed opinion.

Join me in this crusade, send this blog to every politician you know everywhere in the world!

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