I’m in the Business of Attitude Adjustment

By Jeff Bowman

A business, no matter how big or how small, and despite how long it has been in operation, has a reputation built on the positive attitude and energy of the employees who believe in and work towards the mission statement and vision of the organization.  The confidence and commitment you have in your business creates an aura easily seen by your clients and competitors.

Attitude, from the top down, is responsible for the success or failure of any business venture.  Is your attitude, or the attitude of your employees pulling you down?  Are opportunities being missed? Are you taking full responsibility for your own actions as well as the responsibility for ensuring that your customer’s objectives for dealing with you are being met and exceeded?

We have all heard the expression that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Think of the weakest link in terms of the poorest attitude.  I like to define attitude as “the state of mind that enables us to create positive energy from any situation” There are people who sit back and wait for life to supply them with satisfaction, and there are others who constantly search for the proper fuel with which to stoke their internal drive mechanisms.

A dose of positive attitude acts much like a steroid in building up the strength of a business, allowing a new business to get a good running start and turning a run of the mill business into a commercial dynamo.

Attitude must be displayed in your Business Plan, marketing plan, sales programs, customer service, web presence and your public persona.  It needs to be supported at every level of your business.  You need to lead your employees into the building every morning with an attitude of success and leave every night looking forward to the successes of tomorrow.  Employees follow by example, and if the example is one of focus, definition and intent, your business is certain to breed success.

I once heard a  good analogy of business, which rings true to any businessperson with a positive attitude.  “The business is your baby, and there certainly will be a great number of diapers to change and messes to clean up, but when the baby is all grown up and successful, whoever regrets what they went through to get there.”  Stories abound about the attitudes of great business people. Col. Saunders who was turned down hundreds of times for his “Secret Recipe”.  Where would Kentucky Fried Chicken be today if he had given up? Dave Thomas of Wendy’s fame actually learned from Saunders when he was a young man and built Wendy’s up in the face of McDonalds.

Obstacles and frustrations occur in every business, it is the attitude that you adopt that allows you to understand, overcome and move on to the next level of success. Does your business need an attitude adjustment?

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