Atwood says Twitter boosts literacy

By Stephen Rhodes

Esteemed Canadian poet and author @MargaretAtwood has praised Twitter as a literacy tool.

Speaking  at the nextMEDIA conference in Toronto, Atwood proclaimed that we should celebrate Twitter and other internet-based communications as drivers of literacy rather than something to be dismissed. FULL STORY HERE

My favourite quote is this and  it has the Twitterverse abuzz.

“People have to actually be able to read and write to use the internet, so it’s a great literacy driver if kids are given the tools and the incentive to learn the skills that allow them to access it.”

Twitter is a shorthand to a deeper learning experience, a deeper reading experience.

Seldom do I receive a tweet that doesn’t redirect me to something interesting that requires reading to fully enjoy. Fact is, Twitter keeps me reading all day long whether on my smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Bravo Ms Atwood.

What do you think?

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