Avon falling!

By Stephen Rhodes

Avon calling. We all remember the famous advertising slogan and I am sure many of you will have had some contact with Avon over the years. Maybe you still do.

There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, republished in The Globe and Mail on Monday titled Avon Is Late to Social Media’s Party, that documents Avon’s slide in market share to companies that are seemingly more Internet savvy.

The company, famous for sending its representatives door to door, is losing traction, particularly in the U.S., where many time-stressed consumers are increasingly buying their cosmetics on the Web.

The door-to-door sales model is not working anymore. The bread and milk industry figured it out 40 years ago. What’s worse is that senior executives at Avon couldn’t see the tide changing as competitors started to emerge.

Avon is a great brand and its personalized service model, built on trust and relationships, is still one to be envied.  In Social Media marketing trust and relationships are essential to success.

It seems a natural fit. Calling Avon.


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