Event Marketing Leads to Greater Exposure

By Jeff Bowman

Having just completed the marketing of two very large events locally, Rotary Rib ‘n’ Roll and Carabram 2012, we can attest to the fact that the more eyes that see what you are promoting, the more ears that hear what you’re promoting and the more mouths that tell others about what you are promoting, puts more bums in seats at the event.  More butts means greater exposure (pardon the pun) and more opportunity for brand awareness and revenue creation.

More and more organizations are spending money to promote events that in turn promote a brand, product or service, and there are statistics to back that up. “The EventTrack 2012 study found that in a slowly rebounding economy, brands are expecting their event and experiential marketing budgets to grow by nearly eight percent (7.8%) in 2012, more than double last year’s rate of (3.6%).”

It has become very clear that with the myriad of options available to market your products or service, including traditional media, social media, viral marketing and the like, it has become increasing difficult to get your message to rise above the throng and be noticed. The trick is to target the message to the demographic sector you want to appeal to in the language and space they prefer to use for receiving news. Sounds easy enough. That may mean that for a large event meant to attract a large number of people from a diverse demographic, that you need to use 4, 5 or 6 different methods of marketing to ensure each segment not only gets the message, but passes it on as well. It is really about generating significant consumer engagement.

Smaller organizations may not see the value in celebrating a 50th Anniversary of being in business or an event to mark some other type of milestone.  Not- for- profits tend to balk at the cost of such marketing for a fundraising event. The time has come for a fully integrated strategy to marketing including event marketing (participatory advertising) in order to fully capture the eyes and ears of the client. Sponsorship dollars can easily offset the additional costs of the event; however that requires someone to sell sponsorships as well. Enter the event marketing company.  Someone who works with you well in advance of the event.  Someone who knows the mix required to generate buzz.  Someone with the ability to sell sponsorships. Someone experienced in media outreach and communications. Someone who can assist you in putting bums in seats and subsequently generating additional exposure through word of mouth for your event.

Marketing dollars need to be well spent in today’s market, knowing where to spend, where to save and where to shout out the message to get maximum return is critical to your strategy. Don’t rely on the same old tactics in today’s market, create an experience!

If you have an upcoming event, talk to us first! The Marketing Pad Inc.

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