Retention managers? Sounds desperate to me

By Stephen Rhodes

Retention managers are now part of big business corporate speak. Companies like Bell and Rogers have retention departments, full of retention specialists, all with their fingers in the dyke.

We used to call these departments customer service, but in 2012 we want to get right to the point, as in our indifference to you over the years may have you questioning why you are still doing business with us, so we have hired some people to keep you in the fold.

As a customer of both of the aforementioned giants, I see it as leverage, one against the other. So, I don’t like my TV package with Rogers and I threaten them with a better competitor package. Or I don’t like my cell phone deal with Bell, so I threaten them. It usually produces results. A little savings here,  a little enhancement there.

But why should I have to dance with the devil every six months? Why can’t they call me and say, we noticed you have been a loyal customer for 20 years and we are going to give you our best possible deal.

Because we are now in the retention business and not the service business.


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