Business goals are like grocery lists

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without shopping list? When it happens to me, I  spend more money than usual, and buy things I don’t need or already have. I am a sucker for the endcaps, those attractive displays at the end of the aisle, you know where something I don’t need is on sale.

grocery 2With a list, I am less likely to make that impulsive buy because I have already pre-determined what I need or want. I am focused on the things I need, not the ones I don’t.

Think of your business goals as a grocery list. Write down the four things you want to accomplish this year, the actions required to make then happen and when you plan to have them done. Putting them on a list makes it real and it makes you accountable.

The alternative is to have ideas rattling around in your head, and that’s when you reach for the kumquats.


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