Blackberry exceeds my expectations

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

If you have read this blog in the past you know I have a thing about customer service. I believe you can charge virtually anything within common sense  if you deliver exemplary customer service.

I have a client who says he is the high cost producer, but he delivers where others can not on customer service, and has a robust business.

We all have heard of almost heroic customer services stories.

Zappos relates the story of a customer, while a guest  at the Mandalay Bay Hotel near Las Vegas realized she forgot her shoes.

According to the shoe store, the guest called Zappos, where she had originally purchased the shoes, looking for a replacement, but they didn’t have any in stock. So the company found a pair in the right size at a local mall, bought them and delivered them to the hotel – all for free.

And of course there is the Disney franchise and their world-class customer service. There are stories of trolls working the parking lots at Disney World fixing cars, repairing flat tires and retrieving keys locked inside amidst all the excitement … and all to ensure the visit exceeds customer expectations. It works.

playbookNow, my tale is not so compelling  but I had an excellent customer service experience recently. I am a proud Blackberry user and for more than a year now I have also had a Blackberry Playbook. My Playbook has almost replaced my laptop as my traveling business companion.

I think Rim, oops Blackberry, has been unfairly maligned over the past few years. The negative press is a disproportionate representation of the quality of their products. I also own  Apple products, an iPad and iPhone, and I prefer BB for business. Anyway, enough cheerleading.

My Playbook developed a problem and would not display an image. After reading multiple support forums, trying a number of reboots, I plugged the PB into my HDTV and discovered the brain of the tablet was working but not the screen. I called BB support and within minutes had Dan, the tech support person, confirm my own diagnosis. He sent a courier package overnight, I packaged the device and off it went. Seven days later it returned as good as new. No charge.

Thanks Dan. There is still hope for excellent customer service.  Tell me your story.

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