Putting the wow into your customer service

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Customer service isn’t what you think it is; it’s what your customer says it is.

When we work with clients, we  ask  what separates them from the competition and often the response is customer service. And that’s not surprising because I have never heard a business say they have bad customer service.

The Disney model is to anticipate what the customer wants or needs and be one step ahead of them. Few businesses do that and that’s why Disney is in a class by itself. Before anyone steps into one of their theme parks, they know who you are, where you have come from, and how long you have been listening to your kids wail “are we there yet?” Your first visit  has to exceed your expectations or they haven’t done their job. And based on their research, they do time and again. All employees take the Disney training and are empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure the customers experience the wow factor.

Putting the wow into your customer service isn’t as difficult as you think. But it requires thought and discipline.

Those who know me, know I drive a 1995 Volvo, which requires some TLC from time to time.

In recent weeks I have had two mechanics look at a particular problem with the car not starting. Paul, a mechanic at Collex Collision 
( 322 Rutherford Road, Brampton (905) 457-9250)  has been servicing the car for a number of years and is mindful of the age (read value) of the car and not spending lots of money on it.  So Collex calCollexls me to tell me they suspect a certain switch needs replacing but didn’t want to spend $500 of my money in case they were wrong. I appreciated their honesty. That’s the way Bill Strachan and his team at Collex work.

auto acumenSo, my mailman, another Volvo driver, says he has a relative who just opened a garage – auto-acumen – (310 Queen Street, Brampton (416 402 3226) and he is an experienced Volvo technician. So I took the car to Fyzal and he promised to check it out. A few hours later he listed a bunch of issues but said only one was required to get the car running again. Imagine.  It was the same switch that Paul identified at Collex.

Fyzal replaced the switch and the car is running fine. Auto-acumen also services all car makes.

A few days later, I am waiting for a haircut and my cell phone rings. It was Fyzal asking if there were any problems with the car. I was flabbergasted.

Some businesses  understand the value of customer service and practice it daily. Collex and auto-acumen get it.

Have you got a great customer service story?

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