Traditional marketing is dead, really dead

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Traditional marketing is dead. No, really it’s dead. It’s pining for the fjords.

We have all seen what’s happening to newspapers, declining revenues, layoffs. Television is a landscape in flux, with Netflix and alternative online viewing options that bypass advertising, at least for now.

And Content Marketing is rising like the Phoenix – attracting  and retaining customers by  creating  content that attempts to change or enhance a consumer behavior. Fewer hard sells from pitchmen, but rather information that makes the buyer more intelligent.

hilltopsAt its essence is the belief that a smart content strategy delivers ongoing valuable information to buyers, who ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

Building a relationship of trust is important to customers who need information to make smart buying decisions. That’s why networking is such an effective tool in the B2B world. It takes time to build trust but once it’s there, relationships blossom.

Traditional marketing still relies on a we talk you listen. And for most of us, that doesn’t cut it anymore.

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