Why do we hate advertising?

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Advertising has become a pariah .

Consumers will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the stuff, particularly on TV, with PVRs, online viewing options like Netflix and torrent downloads.

So where did it go wrong?

Consumers  are tired of being tricked, manipulated and treated like idiots. The advertising industry ranks somewhere between politicians and used car salesmen (with apologies to used car salesmen) in public opinion and it’s getting worse not better.

big earsPeople are better informed today, have access to unlimited information and have the ability to consult friends and even strangers about a wide range of  the products and services. Does anyone travel anymore without checking the reviews on the  airline, the hotel/resort  and the food? Would you buy a car without checking reviews online? So, when you tell me it’s new and improved I am just liable to check that out.

Chloe Della Costa, Associate Editor, iMedia Connection makes some great points in her article Why people hate the ad industry.

Chloe says advertising can still rescue its reputation and it will take a mammoth shift away from monologue to dialogue. Stop yelling at us and ask us what we think.

It’s particularly difficult this time of year with so many fighting for our consumer dollar. It’s like a siege -newspapers, magazines, flyers, TV , radios and in-mall advertising.

There is so much noise, I wonder if anyone is listening.

What do you think?

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