Is your business coming out of labour?

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Labour Day represents the final push for most small businesses. A good, bad, mediocre first 8 months can become magic in the final four.

But it’s unwise to enter the final stage of the year without understanding where you are relative to where you thought you would be at this point. And if that metric is out the window at least where you are to last year.

labour pushIf you are on your plan and it’s working then great. If not, why not?  A plan that isn’t measured is not a plan; it’s a Hail Mary. So, hopefully you have some indication of where your business is not performing and can make adjustments. Look at marketing, online and traditional. Look at sales and customer service. Is it working? Get rid of what isn’t and focus on what is?

Be bold. You have time.  Talk to your staff. Talk to your customers. They can all provide input.

And, of course, track any adjustments you make.








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