Treating your website like your garage

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

As I drive through the subdivision where I live, almost all of the homes with garages have two cars parked in the driveway. When I first moved here 25 years ago, I thought that was a curious thing. Why have a garage if you are going to park your cars in the driveway?

packed-garageGarages are a lot like some websites, full of information you don’t know where to park. There is a temptation to treat websites as a place to put information you can’t fit into you brochure. Relatively speaking, you have unlimited space compared to a brochure, so why not create more tabs or pages to share the information.

Well, once the garage is full does anyone wade to the back to see what’s there? Not likely, unless of course it’s moving day.

Websites need to be dynamic, and include well-written content that is short, to the point and inspires action. Strong images to support the dialogue. No clutter.

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