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Educate, celebrate, motivate

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

You have discovered that  content marketing is the new glamour girl of online marketing. You want to get involved but you have nothing useful to say.

content mktingEducate, celebrate and motivate. Use your expertise to educate others, who can benefit from what you know. Celebrate your peers and  friends and their successes. Motivate with stories and anecdotes about people overcoming the odds.

Any combination of those three things and you are on your way to developing a content marketing strategy.



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You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

By Stephen Rhodes

Back scratching is at core of social media. That is, mutual back scratching.

Most small businesses that I have met are still scratching their head over the use of social media. Many are there because they feel they need to be but haven’t yet figured out that these tools – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn- are not just billboards to advertise their wares.

Three Happy Polar Bears with Santa's and Captain's hat

Eventually people will tire of your self promotion and stop reading your posts. To be effective in any of the social media platforms, you must share not only your own content but also that of people following or liking you. It’s about dialogue and not monologue- providing people an opportunity to talk to each other over shared values, emerging trends, business opportunities, even quality of service.

Online reviews, and referrals can carry enormous weight.  So, be sure to acknowledge praise when you get it and  most importantly, respond quickly and efficiently to any customer concerns or problems.

To do that you need to be scratching a few backs.


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Swapping spit and other marketing initiatives

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Yesterday I talked about engage, equip and empower your people in social media. Kimberly A. Whitler has lots to say in a recent Forbes article about building a conversation.

Engaging your customers is mostly like swapping spit. It involves more than just promoting your own content. Social media is about sharing, so share what you know -publish useful tips that can benefit others,retweet others and add comments to keep the dialogue going. When appropriate seek advice and always say thank you

tweetYou create a community by sharing. And, when you share it makes members of that community far more likely to share your content too. Recommend some of your followers who also provide engaging content.

Monitor and measure your social media activities There are lots of tools -Twitter analytics, Hootsuite, Klout to name a few.

Keep track of every Twitter mention and respond to them promptly.

Keep the tone of your @replies friendly, even when someone takes a shot. Be calm and try to solve the problem. Personalize the tweeter’s name in your @replies even if the mention is not aimed at getting a response from you, and acknowledge the feelings or opinions of the tweeter.

Yes it takes some work.

Some of the best at engagement.

With more than 2.8 million followers, Adidas Originals does a great job in tracking their brand mentions and replying to every tweet that gives opinions or feedback on their Twitter posts or products.

Delta Airlines and  Samsung USA have Twitter pages dedicated to customer support.Customers receive prompt help via @replies to product queries.

Coca-Cola has one of the most popular Twitter pages with more than 3 million followers. They  make a tremendous effort in acknowledging the tweets with personalized @replies.

Nike with 5 million followers and Starbucks with almost 10 million both excel at engaging their customers  even more with @replies that are very down to earth and of a much friendly tone.

Yes, big brands with lots of staff. The point is engaging customers works. Consider your resources, get to it and measure the return.

Also have a look at Reasons Why Your Followers Aren’t Engaging with Your Tweets.

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Traditional marketing is dead, really dead

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Traditional marketing is dead. No, really it’s dead. It’s pining for the fjords.

We have all seen what’s happening to newspapers, declining revenues, layoffs. Television is a landscape in flux, with Netflix and alternative online viewing options that bypass advertising, at least for now.

And Content Marketing is rising like the Phoenix – attracting  and retaining customers by  creating  content that attempts to change or enhance a consumer behavior. Fewer hard sells from pitchmen, but rather information that makes the buyer more intelligent.

hilltopsAt its essence is the belief that a smart content strategy delivers ongoing valuable information to buyers, who ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

Building a relationship of trust is important to customers who need information to make smart buying decisions. That’s why networking is such an effective tool in the B2B world. It takes time to build trust but once it’s there, relationships blossom.

Traditional marketing still relies on a we talk you listen. And for most of us, that doesn’t cut it anymore.

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