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Social media is a lot of work

By Stephen Rhodes
Have you ever been to a networking event and watched people pressed against the wall too petrified to move?

Ants Carrying FruitWorking the room is hard work and it can be intimidating if you are not naturally an outgoing person.

That’s where the 30 second, no make that 15 second, elevator pitch comes in handy.

That’s about how much time you have to make an impression, the quivalent of 140 words in the Twitter universe.

Social media expert Chris Brogan’s says it’s equally difficult to work the  online universe.

“It’s a lot easier to mass email people a generic, link-laden newsletter. It’s much easier to place ads and hire agencies to measure the results of those ads. If you create another banner campaign, it’s a lot faster and simpler to measure,”  Chris says.

” Building a new plan for your organization that encompasses using listening tools, media creation like blogs and podcasts, social network interactions on services like Twitter and Facebook, is very difficult.”

But not impossible, if you are prepared to work at it.

Chris says companies need to consider social media strategically and assign the appropriate resources if they want results. He cautions it’s not as simple as setting up a Twitter account.

Networking  has always required work, whether you are working a room or working online.  It’s still the best way to connect with customers.

What do you think?

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