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Get off the mat, you’re not dead yet

head-in-sandBy Stephen Rhodes

Get off the mat, you’re not dead yet. Just resting.

The economy has tanked, although we keep getting these annoying little signs of encouragement, jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate and consumers have stopped spending.

Take your head out of the sand and think about how your business can be ready for recovery, because it is surely coming.

Survival 101. Talk to your customers. Talk to your competitor’s customers. Create greater value. That’s how you keep business and win new business.

Most important. Don’t stop marketing your business. This does not have to be an expensive proposition. Go visit your customers. Join networking organizations. Look at alternative tools like your website, a blog and Twitter to create a dialogue. You want to build a culture of inclusion.

The chatter will allow you to assess your business, the products and services you offer and help you better differentiate from your competitors.

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