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Attitude will make the difference

stephen2By Stephen Rhodes

Here’s a thought.

tea byWhat skill, attribute or approach best enables a small business owner to succeed?

Businesses have to plan, which means they need to set goals, develop strategy and tactics and to the best of their ability deliver that plan.

PoutineLots of businesses do this stuff and not all of them succeed. Why?

The larger question is why are you in this business? What is your driving force? What happens when the plan doesn’t work or your competitors jump all over you? What keeps your head in the game.


We all look for it when we hire, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the most successful business people have it in spades.

I have great admiration for two Brampton business people who have the attitude. Don’t try and tell Daniel at Tea by Daniel or Graham at Poutine Dare to be Fresh  that they can’t succeed.

These guys don’t know what that means.


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