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Doing business unplugged. Yikes!

By Stephen Rhodes

One of my clients was recently unplugged for a week. No email, no internet. No blogs. No Twitter. By day three I was detecting signs of withdrawal. Serious anxiety. We talked three times that week. We haven’t talked three times in the last year.

It’s difficult to imagine why this might be traumatic – until it happens to you.

Electrical OutletBusiness almost grinds to a halt. Eventually people start to call, albeit reluctantly, wondering if you are sick or hospitalized.

It is possible today to be available 24/7 with email, cell phones, PDAs and text message services. We all know someone who is an obsessive compulsive email checker, no matter where they are.

Is it too much, this plugged-in world?

A friend of mine says for a sale to occur two people must meet face to face. There is less chance of misunderstanding. There is not only an intellectual exchange but also an emotional one.

All these high-tech gizmos are there to help bring about that exchange – not prevent it.

Do you get anxious when you are out of touch?

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