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Words and phrases we hope never to see again.


By Jeff Bowman

2012 certainly provided us with a great number of new words and phrases which we can use to pepper our vocabulary to show we are part of the “in crowd”, “with it” or from my generation “hip”

Words and phrases from the past that we all grew to hate such as “phat”, “say what”, “this is true” and “penultimate” will hopefully be joined by the new crop of vocational gobbledygook. I do not abhor all new “wordventions”, as some of them are used to describe things that have a real purpose or are a new process or product that require a moniker of some sort, such as a “blog” What I do have a distaste for is the words and phrases coined for fads, or those destined to have a limited “shelf life”. The “one-hit wonders” of the vocabulary world.

The 38th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness has announced its honour roll for 2012. For the most part “they have hit the nail on the head” and have “aced” the compilation. Look for the dastardly dozen in the following paragraph.

Spoiler alert.  Before I kick the can down the road, and cross another thing off my bucket list, I need to ensure that my finances for 2013 don’t bring me to the edge of the fiscal cliff. I don’t pretend to be a guru on business,  however  I have a passion for following what’s trending! This year nutrition has ranked highly in the news, from Superfood to boneless wings (I thought a boneless wing was simply a piece of chicken), we are left wondering what really is good for us. Seems it is all really about job creation for someone! You can double down on that one. Oh well, YOLO!

As good a job as they have done in “growing the list”, I would like to add a couple more. As much as I despised the Macarena years ago, “Gangnam Style” has taken its place on the most irritating list in my book, certainly destined to replace “The Chicken Dance” at weddings over the next 10 years! Another phrase I hope disappears is “Disclaimer of Interest”. Perhaps because I am a hockey fan, but more likely just because we have other words and phrases that promote the same message, some with much greater intensity than others!

As 2013 begins I anxiously await the first new “outside the box” addition to the English language, until then I’ll just “sit tight” and “bide my time”.  What word or phrase from 2012 would you like to be rid of?

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